03 February, 2010

Scan of the Month 挑戰文集

"Scan of the Month Challenge" 由 The Honeynet Project 所主持,對資安社群的人員來說,該計畫透過多數常見的案例研究,企圖培養分析與鑑識技能,並提昇解析攻擊流程的能力,使之將來能夠應對各種境外攻擊。

Scans 1 - 19
Scan 20 - Solaris dtspcd attack.
Scan 21 - Obfuscated UDP network sweep.
Scan 22 - Determine why the Reverse Challenge attacker was breaking into systems.
Scan 23 - The very first challenge for beginners, decode a network scan.
Scan 24 - Recover and analyze captured evidence from a floppy.
Scan 25 - Analyze a worm recovered by a Honeynet.
Scan 26 - Continuation from SotM24, investigate the drug supplier Jimmy Jungle
Scan 27 - Indepth analysis of a Win2000 compromise, part of a large botnet.
Scan 28 - Italian blackhats break into a Solaris server then enable IPv6 tunneling for communications.
Scan 29 - One of our most unique challenges, analyze a live hacked Linux system.
Scan 30 - Analyze a month of honeynet firewall logs.
Scan 31 - Discover how an OpenProxy is abused.
Scan 32 - Analyze a Malware binary.
Scan 33 - Advanced reverse engineering challenge.
Scan 34 - Analyze real honeynet logs for attacks and activity.